Here Is A Little Bit of My Background.

I graduated from Centennial High School and completed my B.S. in Marketing at St. Cloud State University. Afterwards, I worked in corporate business development for UPS for several years and then started a division at a smaller business. During that time, I developed an interest in photography after I met a professional wedding and portrait photographer who spent an incredible amount of time mentoring me. I have since photographed numerous weddings and portrait/family sessions.

Here Is Some of The Additional Value I Provide.


I was at a good friend’s wedding and the photographers had a 10-hour time limit.  Just before the first dance, the photographers bailed because time was up.  I will be with you from the agreed start time to the end of the most important parts of your wedding day.  I don’t want you to lose important memories of your first dance, father daughter dance, son mother dance, and so on. 


I will try my best to work around your budget and my availability.  There are many factors that go into the wedding day, such as travel, locations, etc...  If we are unable to align, I am happy to make a recommendation to someone who may better support what you are looking for.



I have shot with many photographers to better improve my skills and knowledge.  I have witnessed photographers go after past clients for sharing photos digitally without watermarks or modify photos by applying filters.  Times have changed, and you are more likely to want to share your photos on Facebook, Instagram, etc..., rather than create a physical album that few people get to see.  Simply put, I believe you own the rights and so do I.  If you give me credit by sharing my watermark or tagging me, I am very appreciative.  If you don’t, they are photos of the most important day of your life, and you should be able to use them as you see fit.  I will likely use photos from your wedding day to market my activities. 


I meet a lot of couples who say they want “documentary” style photos because they are nervous about not posing correctly or ask if I can provide ideas.  I work to give easy posing tips, and it is a lot of fun!  With a little advice your photos will look natural and I promise you will have a great time.  



Right now I include engagement photos as part of the wedding day.  This may be the first time you are in front of the lens as a couple and it is a great opportunity to learn basic posing and have a great time getting to know each other.  Please take advantage of this!



There are a lot of moving parts on your wedding day.  This can be very stressful to plan every minute or know what to expect.  I have been a part of many weddings and can help you create a plan to ensure things run smoothly and you have time to relax and enjoy your friends and family.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at michael@michaelvonwald.com or feel free to text/call my cell at (612) 599-1781. Thank you! ~Michael


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